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2014 - MLS Sales Stats

  Updated October 7th, 2014 - Currently, there are FIVE homes that are Active on the market in HAR/MLS here in Village of Indian Trails. They average 2,473 SF and listed for an average sales price of $205,480.

  There are TWO homes pending (under contract) right now. 

  So far in 2014, we have had EIGHTEEN closings. Those homes had an average of 2,314 SF for an average sales price of $185,023. This works out to be $79.96/SF.  Sixteen of them were normal resale transactions, and the other two were foreclosures. 


The market is incredible right now.  Good time to be a landlord or a seller!!  "Interest rates have stayed low overall, but ON THE RISE lately and sales numbers were way up so far in 2014!!!  So that is a good sign for those thinking about selling or refinancing!!!  But be prepared for HCAD to increase our values again this coming year.

Feel free to call or e-mail with any questions on that.  Rates are currently hovering in the 4.25-4.75% range" -- Jason Broome :: RE/MAX


2014 - MLS Rental Stats

So far in 2014, there have been TEN homes that have leased out in the neighborhood.  They had an average of 2,464 SF at $1,760/month.  There is currently one home on the market, for $2,100, which is a little high for the size of the home in my opinion.




2013 - Rental & Sales Stats


SALES DATA:  In 2013, there were a total of TWENTY-FOUR sales in our neighborhood.  They had an average sales price of $169,517 and 2,436 SF.  Which worked out to be an average of $69.59 / SF.  About twenty of them looked to be normal resale transactions and the other four were definite short sales or foreclosures.

RENTAL DATA:  There were TWELVE rental homes leased out in 2013.  They leased out for an average of 2,446 SF and a rental rate of $1,693. 

"The rental market is also extremely good right now, if you are a landlord.  It is tough as a tenant though.  Availability is limited, homes go fast and the restrictions are tighter than they have been in years on the background checks." -- Jason Broome :: RE/MAX




2012 - MLS Sales Stats

At the end of 2012 there were only a few homes that wre Active on the market in HAR/MLS in Village of Indian Trails.  All together they had an average of 2,233 SF with an average asking price of $177,200.  This ends up being an average of $75.95 / SF.  

In all of 2012, we had NINETEEN closings.  Those homes had an average of 2,516 SF for an average sales price of $176,546.  This works out to be $70.17/SF.  Ten of them were normal resales, five were foreclosures and four of them were new homes sold by Beazer homes.  Beazer finished out the year with only one home left to sell, which was pending but just not closed in 2012.



In 2012, there had have been eight homes up for lease.  Two were still on the market at the end of the year and  SIX homes leased out for an average of $1,653 with an average of 2,444 SF.  




2011 - MLS Sales Stats

In 2011, we have had twenty homes sell in the neighborhood in MLS. Beazer has sold several others outside MLS, but not all of them were included in our sales stats. Out of all of the closings last year in HAR/MLS, the average sales price was $157,106 (after any seller paid closing costs or repairs) and the avergae SF was 2,651. This worked out to be $59.26 / SF




2010 - MLS Sales Stats

In 2010, we had twelve homes sell in our neighborhood and they were all resale transactions since Beazer Homes wasn't selling homes in here yet.  They had an average sales price of $152,616 and had an average of 2,331 SF.  Which comes out to $65.47/SF.




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